ACM Laboratoire Depiwhite M Protective Cream SPF50+ 40ml



ACM Laboratoire Depiwhite Cream

Skin Caring

Introducing the ACM Laboratoire depiwhite cream, a skin reliable product that can give your skin smooth ACM Depiwhite SPF 50 – a true revelation that redefines sun care and skin correction.

Uncompromising Shield Against the Sun

As the sun’s intensity rises, safeguarding our skin from its detrimental effects becomes non-negotiable. Depiwhite M Protective Cream takes sun protection to unparalleled heights. Boasting an SPF50+ rating, it offers the highest level of defense against both UVB rays responsible for sunburn and UVA rays notorious for accelerating aging and causing pigmentation. Remarkably, this robust protection doesn’t come at the cost of texture – the cream is delightfully lightweight and non-greasy, ensuring that applying it daily becomes a pleasurable ritual.

Skin Tone

However, what truly distinguishes Depiwhite M Protective Cream is the best sunscreen for oily skin its dual-action approach. Beyond its exceptional sun protection, it orchestrates a harmonious correction of uneven skin tone. The dynamic duo of niacinamide, celebrated for its brightening properties, and alpha arbutin, known for its pigment-reducing capabilities, combine forces to target pigmentation at its source, revealing a complexion that exudes luminosity.

For All Skin

A noteworthy attribute of ACM Depiwhite SPF 50 lies in its suitability for all skin types. Its non-comedogenic formulation ensures that even those with acne-prone skin can indulge without worrying about clogged pores. Dermatologically tested and endorsed, it stands as a gentle giant in the landscape of skincare.

Elevate Your Routine, Elevate Your Skin

Incorporating Depiwhite M Protective Cream into your daily skincare ritual is effortless. Begin with a thorough cleanse and follow with a gentle toner. Apply a generous layer of the cream, ensuring complete coverage. Thanks to its rapid absorption, you can effortlessly layer makeup over it. You will be very happy when you know your skin is soft and shiny. ACM Laboratoire Depiwhite M Protective Cream SPF50+ emerges as a prominent contender in the realm of skincare, seamlessly merging robust sun protection with the finesse of skin tone correction.


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