Bio Shad SC Gel SPF 40



Bio Shad SC Gel SPF 40

High-performance sunscreen gel Bio Shad SC Sunblock offers additional skin advantages in addition to effective sun protection. This gel’s broad-spectrum SPF 40 protection from UVA and UVB rays aids in preventing sunburn, early aging, and skin damage. Its distinctive gel formulation makes it simple to apply and quick to absorb, leaving skin that feels light and non-greasy. Bio Shad SC Gel is a flexible option for everyday usage because it provides skincare advantages in addition to UV protection.


  • The main advantage of Bio Shad SC Gel is that it offers sun protection. It offers high-level protection against UVA and UVB radiation with SPF 40, lowering the risk of sunburn and sun-related damage. The skin’s health and integrity are preserved as a result.
  • The Bio Shad SC Gel’s broad-spectrum formula guarantees protection against UVA and UVB radiation. While UVB rays typically result in sunburn, UVA rays can deeply penetrate the skin, accelerating the aging process and raising the chance of developing skin cancer. This gel reduces skin damage from the sun by protecting the skin from both kinds of radiation.
  • Bio Shad SC Gel’s gel-based formulation is non-greasy and ideal for all skin types. It provides an immediate feeling of ease and breathability by immediately absorbing into the skin without leaving behind a heaviness or sticky residue.
  • Bio Shad SC Gel has moisturizing elements that help to moisturize and nourish the skin in addition to providing sun protection. It keeps the skin’s natural moisture balance and helps to prevent moisture loss, leaving it supple, smooth, and soft.
  • Bio Shad SC Gel can be incorporated into your skincare routine and is intended for daily usage. Applying this gel can offer the essential sun protection to keep your skin safe and healthy whether you’re leaving for work, outdoor activities, or just doing errands.


  • Cover all exposed skin areas by applying enough Bio Shad SC Sunblock to do so. For the best sun protection, ensure uniform distribution.
  • Reapply the gel every two hours, particularly if you have been swimming or sweating a lot or have been exposed to the sun for a long time. The effectiveness of sun protection is maintained with routine reapplication.
  • When applying the gel, avoid touching the eyes. If contact occurs, give the area a thorough water rinse.

Before using the gel for the first time, test a tiny patch of skin for allergies or skin sensitivities.


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