Sebclar Sebum Control Sunblock Gel SPF40



Sebclar SC Sebum Control Sunblock Gel SPF40

A customized sunscreen, Sebclar SC Sebum Control Sunblock Gel SPF40, is made to protect skin from the sun effectively while aiding in the regulation of excessive sebum production. It is made with a special blend of chemicals that not only protects your skin from damaging UV rays but also controls oil production and preserves a matte look. This sunscreen is suitable for oily or combo skin types who want sun protection without greasiness.

Key Features

  • Providing SPF40 protection, Sebclar SC Sebum Control Sunblock Gel efficiently shields your skin from UVA and UVB rays. It assists in avoiding sunburn and lowers the danger of solar damage, such as hyperpigmentation and premature aging.
  • Sebum-controlling chemicals in this sunscreen aid in managing excessive oil production. It maintains the skin matte and oil-free throughout the day. Controlling oiliness reduces blocked pores and breakouts.
  • Sebclar SC Sunblock is comfortable to use, even for people with oily skin, thanks to its lightweight and non-greasy gel composition. It provides a smooth, matte finish by swiftly absorbing into the skin without leaving behind any heaviness or stickiness.
  • Sebclar SC Sunblock’s formulation contains components that have a mattifying impact on the skin. It keeps skin youthful, oil-free, and shine-free.
  • This sunblock does not clog pores or cause acne outbreaks because it is non-comedogenic. It does not irritate or congest the skin and is made to be mild on it.
  • As part of your skincare routine, Sebclar SC Sunblock is appropriate for everyday use. It can be used after cleansing or before makeup in the morning. It is a fantastic option for people who battle with oily skin because of its sebum management abilities.


  • To achieve adequate coverage and protection, apply enough Sebclar SC Sunblock. Reduced sun protection could be the result of insufficient application.
  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours, after vigorous perspiring, or right after wiping your face with a towel. Reapplication on a regular basis ensures ongoing UV protection.
  • To prevent any discomfort or irritability, keep the sunscreen away from the eyes. If contact occurs with the eyes, thoroughly rinse them with water.
  • Perform a patch test on a small area of skin first if you have sensitive skin or are introducing a new product into your routine. This assists in identifying potential allergic reactions or unpleasant effects.


Effective sun protection is provided by Sebclar SC Sunblock Gel SPF40, which also controls excessive oil production in the skin. Its lightweight, non-greasy composition and mattifying effect are perfect for oily or mixed skin. Use this sunscreen as part of your regular skincare regimen to keep your skin protected, matte, and healthy.



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