Nivea Sun Kids Ultra Protect & Play Lotion SPF50+ 150ml




Designed with the well-being of your precious little ones in mind, this exceptional sunscreen lotion offers superior protection against harmful UV rays while allowing them to enjoy endless hours of outdoor play. With its unique formulation and child-friendly features, Sun Kids Ultra Protect & Play Lotion SPF50+ is the perfect companion for all their sunny adventures.

 “Unmatched Sun Protection: Shield Your Child’s Delicate Skin with Confidence”

When it comes to safeguarding your child’s delicate skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Nivea Sun Kids Ultra Protect & Play Lotion SPF50+ is the ultimate solution. Formulated with a highly effective SPF50+ protection factor. This sunscreen lotion provides your little ones with the highest level of defense against UVA and UVB radiation. It creates a protective barrier that effectively reflects and absorbs UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and long-term damage to their sensitive skin.

 “Playful and Skin-Friendly: An Unforgettable Sunscreen Experience for Kids”

Nivea Sun Kids Ultra Protect & Play Lotion SPF50+ combines powerful sun protection with a skin-friendly formula that kids will love. Its lightweight and non-greasy texture absorbs quickly, ensuring fuss-free application and allowing your child’s skin to breathe naturally. The lotion is dermatologically tested, making it suitable for even the most delicate and sensitive skin types. Say goodbye to sticky and uncomfortable sunscreen experiences, and hello to effortless protection that your child will actually enjoy!

Enriched with caring ingredients,  Kids Ultra Protect & Play Lotion SPF50+ nourishes and moisturizes your child’s skin. This is keeping it soft and supple throughout the day. The gentle formula is also free from colorants, parabens, and mineral oils, giving you peace of mind while ensuring your child’s skin receives the care it deserves. It is water-resistant, allowing your little ones to splash and play without constantly worrying about reapplying sunscreen.

With Nivea Sun Kids Ultra Protect & Play Lotion SPF50+, you can confidently let your children explore the great outdoors. Whether they’re building sandcastles at the beach, playing sports in the park, or simply enjoying a family picnic. This sunscreen lotion will be their trusted companion. It’s shielding them from the sun’s harmful rays. Keep their skin safe, happy, and protected with Nivea Sun Ultra Protect & Play Lotion SPF50+ – the perfect partner for endless outdoor adventures!


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